Are you solvent?

This site is a demo implementation of the Provisions: Proof of Solvency protocol. It is a zero-knowledge protocol that proves that an exchange has enough assets to cover its liabilities. In this implementation we prove that \(Assets - Liabilities = 0\).

Fill in some example assets and liabilities on page below so that that equation holds (or don't!) and click the "Prove Solvency" button below to prove that in zero-knowledge.


This table is for listing your on-chain balances. This is equivalent to a list of address to balances. The protocol allows including extra public keys that you do not provide the private key for anonymity.

Pubkey Balance Type Actions

Add Balance

This form is used to add a commitment to a balance to be included in the "Proof of Assets".

  • You must provide the private key for assets you own.
  • You can also include public keys without the private key
  • Public & private key values must be hex encoded (w/ no prefix)

 Public Key
Private Key


This table is for listing your customer account balances. These do not map directly to on-chain balances. Each customer can individually prove you computed their balance correctly and it is included in the total proof.

Identifier Balance Actions